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Electronic Patient Check-in Implemented

Technology reduces wait time, increases patient data security

Two main locations at Memorial Hospital now have advanced electronic registration technology which is receiving positive responses from patients.  Patients sign in at new kiosks at the main MacIvor patient registration desk and in the hospital Laboratory, and are strongly encouraged to also register for an additional, optional process that provides protection against identity theft and the creation of duplicate records.

Help is available, if needed, for patients entering information on touch-screens at kiosks.  Patients can see their wait time and status on monitors nearby. This streamlined system has been shown to reduce wait times by as much as 80-percent at various hospitals.

In completing the registration process with a staff member, patients are also encouraged to spend less than 30 seconds to register their medical identity by inserting a fingertip into a scanner registration device. It does not store a fingerprint, but creates a unique electronic identifier or code from primary markers on the fingertip. On subsequent visits, then, a quick scan of the patient’s fingertip will verify identity.

This new technology is focused exclusively on protecting patients against medical identity theft. According to an independent study by Ponemon Institute in 2015, theft of this kind may cost a patient more than $13,000 to resolve. And thieves could also access personal health information, jeopardizing privacy, and that is something Memorial takes very seriously.

“The addition of these electronic registration technologies is a natural step in our ongoing efforts to create the best patient experience possible,” says Victor Trianfo, DO, Chief Medical Officer at Memorial Health. “From the time our patients arrive, we want our processes to best focus on their needs.”

This new technology is provided by CrossChx, a Columbus, Ohio based provider of healthcare information technology designed to create operational efficiencies and enhance patient experience.