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Memorial Hospital Pharmacist Research Published

Memorial Hospital Pharmacist Jennifer Flavin Sabatino, PharmD is the primary author of an article published in the December 2015 edition of the Journal of Urgent Care Medicine. The article was published in collaboration with Christopher G. Green, PharmD; Stephanie C. Cook, DO; and Stuart J. Beatty, PharmD of The Ohio State University. It outlines the assistance that pharmacists can provide for urgent care patients who would benefit from medication management evaluation and counseling.

The article “Impact of a Pharmacist-Provided Comprehensive Medication Review Service for Urgent Care Patients” explains that many urgent care patients may have chronic medical conditions, have fragmented medical care, and would benefit from a review of their medications. Patients with chronic medical conditions may be taking multiple medications prescribed by a number of providers. The study concluded that pharmacists have a unique opportunity to meet with these patients during their visits to evaluate the appropriateness, safety, efficacy, and schedule of medications. The study noted the potential for future partnerships between pharmacists and urgent care practices for medication management.

Jennifer is a Clinical Pharmacist for Memorial Hospital’s Medication Therapies Center in Marysville. She is working to expand clinical services and is seeing patients in the pharmacist-run clinics. This is the third article written by a Memorial Hospital Pharmacy staff member that has been in a national publication during the past 18 months.