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Memorial Receives Health Department Grant

Funds to support fall risk screening and patient education

The Union County Health Department has awarded a $3500 grant to Memorial Hospital for the Medication Fall Risk Reduction Clinic to support efforts to reduce fall risks for area residents. The funds will support the development, expansion, and promotion of Memorial Hospital’s Medication Fall Risk Reduction Clinic and program, in partnership with the Union County Health Department.

As people age, they often develop multiple chronic diseases and are prescribed complicated medication regimens that can greatly increase the risk of falling.

Memorial Hospital provides a comprehensive approach which includes screening for the risk of falling, exercise, physical therapy, medication evaluation, and home environment evaluation in its To Be Steady program.

In the Medication Fall Risk Reduction Clinic, clinical pharmacists meet with patients to evaluate their medications and recommend adjustments that may reduce the risk of falling. The pharmacists work closely with Memorial Hospital’s Wellness Center staff and the Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine staff to provide a comprehensive approach to fall risk screening and risk reduction.

“Falls are one of the most common reasons for Emergency visits and hospital admissions in the geriatric population, representing 85-percent of injury-related hospital admissions in people age 65 and older, and accounting for 70-percent of accidental deaths in persons 75 years of age and older,” explains Britt Cummins, Director of Pharmacy at Memorial Hospital.

Patients and families of patients who are concerned about fall risk can request that their physician send a referral to the Medication Therapies Center. Physicians who have patients that may be at increased risk of falling may refer them to this clinic by contacting the Medication Therapies Center at (937) 578-4283.