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Physical Therapy for Women

Pain, Incontinence or Pregnancy-Related Issues Addressed

Women are traveling from a wide geographic area to seek treatment for a variety of issues with Women’s Health Physical Therapy, at Memorial Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine, a service of Memorial Hospital. This specialized therapy is not commonly found outside of large metropolitan areas.

Sometimes the issues start during pregnancy, when joints become more lax, creating muscle weakness and/or pain, cramps, numbness, or tingling in the back, pelvis, or legs. Chronic pelvic pain issues can develop in young or older women, and they can be debilitating at times.

With Women’s Health Physical Therapy, bothersome issues are evaluated, and an individualized therapy plan is developed to support posture and body mechanics. Pelvic floor therapy can improve the strength, endurance, and coordination of muscles which help control and support bladder and bowel function, and can significantly reduce urinary and fecal incontinence and pain. Pelvic floor therapy may also be used for men with these conditions.

For women who are experiencing pelvic floor issues while pregnant, Women’s Physical Therapy provides improved flexibility and strengthening, which can help prepare the body for an easier pregnancy and delivery. After childbirth, manual therapy on episiotomy or C-section scars may also be used to reduce discomfort or pain.

A physician’s referral is recommended, and required for women who are pregnant or for internal evaluation of the pelvic floor. To make an appointment with therapist Rachel Ross, PT, DPT, or for information, call (937) 578-7841 or (800) 686-4677 (ext. 7841).