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Richwood Medical Practice Parking Clarified

In late May Memorial Health opened its newest physician practice in the Village of Richwood. The regional health system brought Dr. David Dunkin back to the community and brought Dr. Pam Kapraly, who had been practicing there for many years, under its umbrella. A complete renovation of the building at 19 W. Ottawa Street was part of the plan but one detail has caused some confusion that Memorial is correcting.

"Making sure patients have a safe and convenient place to park is always important," states Memorial Health President and CEO Chip Hubbs. "In posting signs indicating where our patients should park, we unintentionally inferred that others could not park there in the evenings and on weekends. That was never our intention, but in retrospect, we see how the signage could make that confusing. The signs are being corrected immediately to add 'during business hours'."

Hubbs points out that often times patients are not feeling well when they visit the doctors' office or they may have mobility issues and it is important that their access to the building be as convenient as possible. The change will clarify that during the hours the physician practice is open, Monday through Friday, parking to the west of the building should be reserved for patients. However, after hours and on weekends it is perfectly appropriate for any community member to park in those spots. 

With numerous community events in the area and churches with active membership, parking can sometimes run at a premium in the village.

"We apologize for creating any confusion," expresses Hubbs. "Memorial is very proud to be an active part of the Richwood community, and being good neighbors is important to us."