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Memorial Brings Drug & Alcohol Medical Stabilization

Partners with New Vision™, Leading Substance Withdrawal Organization

Memorial Hospital, in partnership with New Vision™, is adding withdrawal management services for adults with drug, alcohol, or related health issues to its health network services.  Memorial will offer medical stabilization services to help people overcome withdrawal symptoms related to addiction. The collaboration with New Vision, one of the leading substance withdrawal and medical stabilization/management organizations in the United States, will bring this much-needed service to the region beginning March 20.

“Our Memorial Health team wants to be a part of delivering care to our community in an effort to help break the cycle of addiction plaguing so many,” said Chip Hubbs, Memorial Health President & CEO. “A medical stabilization service is just one part of the puzzle and offers a first step in a long process.  Our services, in partnership with New Vision, are intended to help medically treat individuals who are experiencing withdrawal issues from drugs and alcohol, so that their desire to change can begin.  After the inpatient stabilization phase, each patient is referred to an appropriate outpatient service or rehabilitation program for further treatment as deemed necessary.”  

The service accepts adults who are currently experiencing active or impending withdrawal symptoms from certain drugs, including alcohol; benzodiazepines (Valium, Xanax); opioids (Heroin, OxyContin); and cocaine. The inpatient stabilization, which typically lasts three days, includes pre-screening, assessment, admission, medical stabilization, and discharge planning. Upon admission, an assessment will be completed with an evaluation of the patient’s medical history, a physical, a laboratory workup and a nursing assessment. This pre-screening process will enable the patient to be admitted alongside a personalized plan for treatment.                                                            

Discharge planning will occur prior to leaving the hospital; the patient will be referred to appropriate community-based treatment programs to help prevent relapse and continue their treatment. Patients can only be admitted by a licensed physician.   

“During this medically supervised stabilization process, each patient will be closely monitored and cared for by the Memorial Hospital and New Vision team,” according to Dr. Victor A. Trianfo, Chief Medical Officer for Memorial Health.  “We manage the patient’s withdrawal safely in a stable environment, helping them to regain their optimal state of health and refrain from harmful substance use or abuse. New Vision is currently offered in many hospitals across the United States and we feel fortunate to be able to bring it to our region. To receive a free, confidential assessment with one of our healthcare professionals, call (937) 578-2516.”    

New Vision™, a hospital-based medical stabilization and withdrawal management service, is provided through a partnership with SpecialCare Hospital Management Corporation of St. Charles, Missouri, and is currently offered in many hospitals across the United States. SpecialCare has been providing inpatient medical stabilization in collaboration with short-term acute care hospitals for over 25 years. More information can be found at www.specialcarecorp.com.