Breast Health

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It is important for women over the age of 40, or those in high-risk groups, to have an annual mammogram. Changes in breast tissue such as swelling, lumps, rashes, or soreness may be signs of breast cancer, and mammograms often detect other changes that you may not see, or even feel.

Our digital mammography ensures high image quality, shorter appointments, and faster results, helping to simplify the screening process. Results are available within 24 hours and biopsy results are usually available 24 to 72 hours following your procedure.


Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: 7 am - 4 pm
Tuesday and Thursday: 7 am - 7 pm
Please call Central Scheduling at (937) 578-2020 for an appointment. Most insurance policies do not require a physician's order for a screening mammogram.

Our Breast Navigator

If you are diagnosed with breast cancer, our radiologists, surgeons, pathologists, plastic surgeons, and oncologists create a seamless and individualized care plan for each woman. Our breast navigator, a specially trained nurse coordinator, provides support and communications for women requiring additional diagnostic testing, or for those receiving a cancer diagnosis. This dedicated team member focuses on a patient’s entire wellbeing, from surgery options to nutrition and counseling. The navigator sets up appointments, answers questions, and helps coordinate access to Memorial’s team of experts.

Memorial’s participation in this program helps us provide important educational and support materials to all patients.

Financial assistance is also available to uninsured or under-insured women for:

  • diagnostic mammogram and breast ultrasound imaging
  • stereotactic breast biopsies
  • consultations with a surgeon
  • bindings and other items worn after breast surgery
  • wraps for lymphedema therapy
  • wigs, scarfs, and hats
  • medications
  • gasoline cards (for transportation to and from treatments)

Comprehensive Breast Health Services

At Memorial, we treat a number of breast-related health issues. We provide:

  • Minimally invasive breast biopsy options, including stereotactic and ultrasound-guided procedures. Our Mammotome biopsy technology utilizes a small probe guided by ultrasound or x-ray through a one-quarter-inch incision. The Mammotome computer software provides the surgeon with specific angle and depth information, while the probe gently extracts eight to 10 samples. As it is minimally invasive, this biopsy only needs local anesthetic. It does not require stitches and causes minimal scarring, which helps prevent confusion in the interpretation of future mammograms.
  • Surgical options, including mastectomy, lumpectomy, and reconstruction.
  • If you are diagnosed with breast cancer, we provide expert medical oncology and chemotherapy in our Specialty Care Center at Memorial Hospital.
  • Our medication therapies navigator may provide assistance, as needed, for medication or treatment-related expenses or issues.
  • If you develop Lymphedema following breast surgery, Lymphedema Therapy is available at Memorial Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine. Learn more here.
  • Lab services at six convenient locations.
  • Nutritional support is available through our Food and Nutrition department.
  • The Chicken Soup Support Group holds monthly gatherings at Memorial Hospital. There, cancer patients and their caregivers may share concerns and get support, while sharing a simple meal of soup. This meeting is led by trained clinical staff.