September 16, 2021 | 3 Minute Read
A Letter to Our Community

Memorial Health is a proud and fiercely independent health system. We acknowledge this same spirit of independent thought is alive and well in society right now. Every day, we meet people where they are; joining you on a journey to health, on a path from illness to recovery, and holding hands in comfort when the circle of life closes.

The pandemic that has absorbed much of our energy and time over the last 18 months has ebbed and flowed at Memorial and in the communities we serve. For months, we have all heard about stressed and strained healthcare delivery systems and the amazing people delivering that care. Often we are asked, “How are things going at Memorial?” We, too, have felt that strain, but never more so than right now.

We need your help.

Friends, our community is experiencing a period of increased significant illness that is taking a toll on Memorial’s team members and resources. Speaking truths…

  • Yes, we are being challenged by a surge in COVID patients and many are experiencing a higher degree of illness than we have seen in the past.
  • The grand majority of these patients have not been vaccinated.
  • Some people who have been vaccinated are still requiring hospital care, but generally, the progression of their illness is less severe.
  • It would appear that many people have been delaying care “at the first sign” something isn’t right and it is resulting in care being sought at an advanced stage of illness or disease.
  • As is the case across the nation, Memorial is struggling to hire nurses, respiratory therapists, lab and imaging technologists and more, in a time when the law of supply and demand is making things difficult.
  • The extreme spike in the number of patients in our beds is causing us to delay elective surgeries that will require an overnight hospital stay.
  • The wait times in the emergency department are increasing – as they are all over Central Ohio. The number of very sick people coming through our doors, as a result of COVID as well as other serious conditions, is soaring.

We tell you this not in seeking sympathy, but rather in seeking your assistance. Just as we are here when you need us, we would ask you to be here now because we need you.

  • Consider getting vaccinated for COVID-19 as well as the seasonal flu. Connect with your doctor or provider to talk about the ways you can prevent exposure to and extreme illness from these viruses. This trusted medical professional in your life is your best resource for guidance on a plan that works for you and your independent choices.
  • Pay attention to your body. If something isn’t right, call your doctor’s office for an appointment to talk about your symptoms and concerns. Don’t wait until your body is in crisis.
  • Help us recruit great employees! If you are or know a team player with a passion for making a difference, check out the careers page on our website and consider joining our team.

The strength and determination of the people in this region are part of our legacy. Supporting one another in crisis is something we have historically done well. Now is the time for us all to do what we can to assure that when one of us is sick and in need of advanced medical care, no matter the cause, we have a bed available and the resources to provide that care. Please do all you can to help.

To our extraordinary team members in all roles, we thank you for dedicating yourselves to Memorial and our patients. We recognize these are the most difficult of days. Please know we honor you for the effort you give every single day. Sometimes, it is a challenge to remember why you chose this noble profession, but we are so very glad you did and that you choose to share your compassion and expertise at Memorial Health.


Your friends at Memorial Health