With the right teacher, anyone can learn to live a healthier lifestyle.

Medicare DSME Follow-up class - Morning Meeting

This class will serve as a yearly refresher course for your diabetes patients that have already participated in DSME in the past.


Each Medicare member has a benefit that allows for 10 hours’ worth of DSME coursework the first year of diagnosis as well as the first year they seek education under their Medicare plan. Once that first year of coursework has ended, Medicare allows your patient to participate in 2 hours’ worth of education each subsequent year.

In this class, we will review such topics as: Understanding Diabetes, Managing Blood Sugar, Healthy Eating with Diabetes, Being Active with Diabetes, Managing Stress and Emotional Well-Being, Diabetes Complications, A Healthy Heart, and Working with Your Health Care Team.

Memorial Hospital
Village Room
500 London Ave.
Marysville, OH 43040

Your patients will need a referral for diabetes education. Please fax your referral to Central Scheduling at (937)-578-2019.