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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up an appointment?
Call our office at (937) 578-4040 and select option #1

Do I have to pay for my visit at the time of my appointment?
Yes, Payment of the insurance mandated co-pay is expected at the time of the appointment.

How much is my co-pay?
A patient's co-pay is determined by their insurance company and that amount is usually found on the back of the insurance card.

How do I select a doctor?
Please call the office and we will help match our physicians to your specific needs.

How do I leave a message for my health care provider?
Call our office at (937) 578-4040 and select option #2 or open an ‘ask doctor’ message in the patient portal.

How do I request prescriptions / refills over the phone?
Call our office at (937) 578-4040 and select option #2 or open a ‘refill request’ message in the patient portal.

Can I have bloodwork performed at your office?
Yes, Memorial Hospital of Union County operates a laboratory in our building.

Can I have X-Rays taken at your office?
Yes, Memorial Hospital of Union County provides an X-Ray facility in our building.

How do I obtain test results?
You will be contacted by phone, letter or the patient portal with test results as soon as they are available. You can also call the office and request results at (937) 578-4040 and select option #2.

Can I contact the office through in the internet?
On the top right corner of this website is a link to our patient portal. Once you have signed up for the portal at the office, you can send and receive messages, view lab and diagnostic results, contact the office, and view referrals.

What is Sick Bay?
Sick Bay is similar to an urgent care, for established DFMI patients only, to address sick conditions only: ie. colds, flu, urinary tract infections, etc… Patients are seen based on first-come, first-serve basis. Medication refills, physicals and chronic conditions will not be addressed during these hours.

What should I do in an emergency, or after hours?
For critical emergencies, dial 911. Otherwise, call our office at (937) 578-4040. For after hours advice, please call (888) 448-2948, where you can be directed to the doctor on call if you'd like.

How do I get referrals for specialist visits, tests or procedures?
Referrals for specialist appointments, testing or procedures are made at the time of an appointment with the doctor.

Does my insurance pay for all of my medical care?
Please realize that many of these questions are also better answered by your insurance company as they are the ones who set coverage policies. Insurance policies these days rarely pay for 100% of your health care.

Who do I contact for billing questions?
Billing questions should be directed to Doctor's Consulting Service 800-492-4092 x16.

Does your office accept Medicare patients?

Does your office easily accommodate disabled patients?
Our facility is fully equipped for wheelchair accessibility for disabled patients.

Can't find the answer to your question?
Please contact the office so that we can help answer any questions you might have.
Phone: (937) 578-4040 Fax: (937) 578-2602 After Hrs: (888) 448-2948




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