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Dementia & Memory Care

Treating dementia with love and compassion.

Dementia is a condition that’s capable of causing more distress than one individual or family deserves. But unfortunately, it happens. And when it does, it’s important to know that:

  • Dementia refers to symptoms, not a particular disease such as Alzheimer’s (although Alzheimer’s accounts for a majority of dementia cases).
  • Dementia, affects every person, caregiver, and family differently.
  • Dementia can’t be cured, but in many cases it can be well-managed and its progression slowed.

Fortunately, we’ve established a very special wing where those who have been diagnosed with dementia can have a comfortable and supportive quality of life.

Our intention on the Special Care Unit is to offer the security and the loving personal attention we would want for family members and ourselves. The unit is secured at all times and residents are allowed to leave this area only with supervision.

Daily meals are served in a home-like atmosphere with a dining room specially catered for the needs of those who live here. But catering to unique needs should extend beyond mealtime.

At Memorial Gables, we seek to stimulate thinking and enhance mental capacity through group and individual activities such as structured reminiscing sessions, listening to familiar music, and socializing with others.

Calming the confusion.

Resident rooms are designed to be like home and dispel fears about an “institutional” atmosphere. The placement of graphic room identifiers help residents orient to their surroundings.

Common rooms and dining facilities create an atmosphere of warmth with wood floors and calm with pastel colors.

And like every unit at Memorial Gables, a kitchenette is available for supervised cooking or serving personalized meals when structured dining may not be the best choice on a given day.

As a facility known for transparency, we won’t pretend that dementia is an easy condition to witness in a loved one.

But as a skilled nursing facility designed and managed by the region’s leading health system, we can promise you that no one is more devoted to the health and happiness of people with dementia.

Reaching Through Music Therapy

We are pleased to share with you that a special music therapy program provided at Memorial Gables is now providing joy, comfort, and enhancement of a calming influence for some of our residents in the Special Care unit. Many thanks to the Music & Memory™; Certification Program and the Ohio Department of Aging’s Nursing Home Quality Project in assisting with the start-up of the program,

Our facility and staff recently became certified for Music & Memory™, a national program created by a non-profit organization that provides training about the use of personalized music therapy for residents with dementia.

We’ve started out by selecting residents who our nursing staff believes would most benefit. Some of the residents are unable to do other activities. These residents wear headphones to hear their favorite music, which is played on iPod mini shuffles. To customize the therapy for each participant, we ask family members for their recommendations of artists or songs their loved one enjoyed in the past.

It’s obvious to see from their reactions that the minds of residents participating in Music & Memory are being stimulated. Some who are agitated become calm, some start singing, and some who are usually motionless will tap fingers or feet in time with the music. It’s just one more way we work to provide quality care for our valued residents at Memorial Gables.

As we get more equipment, we plan to expand the use of Music & Memory therapy. We welcome donations of new or used iPod mini shuffles and iTune gift cards for our program. The gift cards will be used to purchase resident specific music. If you would like to donate, call (937) 578-4069.