People choose to live here.

Living with Us

Time to enjoy your independence.

While the welcoming residential feel of our structure sets Memorial Gables apart from other senior living facilities, the sense of home continues throughout our living, dining and recreational spaces.

In fact, the location sets the tone for an environment where residents feel at home, and embraced for who they are.

Memorial Gables residents also feel a tremendous sense of independence here, thanks in part to another empowering idea — our Resident Council. Run under the direction of an annually elected president, the Resident Council provides feedback and suggestions to management regarding ways to continually enhance and enrich the lives of residents.

By the way, we encourage families and friends to visit often, participate in our programs, and stay involved in the lives of their loved ones. After all, it wouldn’t be home if you couldn’t host family and friends.

And it wouldn’t be Memorial Gables if we didn’t provide the kind of atmosphere that makes everyone feel safe, respected, and welcome.