People choose to live here.



Nourishment for body, mind, and special occasions.

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A home wouldn’t be nearly as welcoming without the aroma of freshly prepared food at key times of the day. No matter what’s on the menu, it always carries a scent that stimulates appetites and mealtime conversation.

The dining rooms in both the Intermediate Care and the Special Care neighborhoods offer a warm and casual vibe, complete with wood floors and beautiful outdoor views. No one wants to feel like they’re breaking bread in an institution. And meals, prepared by professional chef teams in a state-of-the-art kitchen, are monitored by a dietician and a food services manager.

So they’re as tasty as they are consistent with care plans.

And to keep things from getting stale, a Food Council comprised of residents and staff offers menu suggestions along with ethnic and festive menu options to recognize special holidays.

By the way, with a refreshment cart loaded with healthy snacks and ice-cold water and drinks throughout the day, hunger pangs and improper hydration don’t stand a chance here.

Those who can are encouraged to eat in the dining room, but it’s ok if someone chooses to eat in the privacy of their room on occasion. Weather permitting, supervised dining may also be available on outdoor patios and verandas.

The scent of fresh air can be delicious too, especially if skies have been gloomy for an extended time.

And family members are welcome to make same-day reservations with our dietary department and enjoy a meal with their loved ones for a minimal charge. After all, what better way to bring families together than a freshly prepared meal?