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Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation

Acute clinical care of short- and long-term residents.

The Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Unit is where you would come after being discharged from the hospital if you needed additional medical care before returning to your normal lifestyle. Efficient care delivery is not only a critical objective, it’s also reassuring. Especially if you’re a short-term resident and rehabilitation is a priority.

Restoring function and normalcy.

People who have experienced trauma, such as heart failure, stroke, or personal injury may require physical, speech and occupational therapy sessions to regain as much of their functional skill as possible — as well as their independence.

This can hold true for elective procedures as well. Anyone who has received a joint replacement will need to begin post-operative rehabilitation, often just a few hours after surgery.

These sessions are conducted in a therapy center that is equipped with assistive devices that mimic home and work environments. Supervised exercises are designed to improve or regain daily living skills.

But treatment doesn’t stop at the therapy center.

Residents are encouraged to get involved in the daily planned activities at Memorial Gables that will facilitate healing and get them back on their feet.