March 7, 2019 | 1 Minute Read

Memorial Health Reaches $4 Million Campaign Goal in Support of Memorial 2020 Expansion Project

Memorial Health today announced attainment of the $4 million Memorial 2020 philanthropic goal, the largest fundraising campaign in the organization’s history.

Commencing in the fall of 2016, Memorial kicked-off the campaign to help complete the Memorial 2020 expansion project, recognizing the campaign would require a degree of unprecedented giving throughout the healthcare system’s support groups and community. The goal was approximately 8% of the project’s total cost and allowed Memorial’s debt to remain within prudent limits, while simultaneously aiding the hospital in its efforts to receive bond funding.

“Achieving a campaign goal of this size is indicative of the continuous support and encouragement we have received from our community,” comments Chip Hubbs, President and CEO of Memorial Health. “We extend our overall appreciation for everyone at every level of the organization, as well as Board members and steering committee members, for their fundraising efforts. Just as in 1952, people saw a real need and made it happen through generous contributions – back then and now.”

“Everyone – our team members, physicians, providers, and the community were beyond generous. Achieving a $4 million fundraising goal is something our entire organization, and community, should celebrate and take pride in,” Hubbs added.

Evie Collins, Executive Director of The Memorial Health Foundation, cited several notable indicators from the campaign, sharing “Our community really rallied behind Memorial, with over 950 total donors and 10% of them contributing $10,000 or more. Memorial Health employees gave of their own monies too, with $626,479 in all. Add to that the contributions of Memorial physicians, providers, and vendors, as well as our Memorial Health and Memorial Health Foundation board members, and it is incredible to witness the collective impact these supporters provided to our campaign.”

Progress for the Memorial 2020 construction project continues to evolve, with the inpatient and outpatient pavilions achieving various milestones. On-going developments for the inpatient pavilion include brick installation, roofing, and exterior glass installation. Next phases will focus on interior framing and glass installation, as well as mechanical and electrical rough-ins. As for the outpatient pavilion, site preparation and foundation installation are complete, with steel installation expected in the next two months.