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Art Therapy Provided for Cancer Patients, Families

Art League Instructor Visits Memorial’s Chicken Soup Group

Cancer patients and their friends or family members tapped into their creative skills during a Chicken Soup Group meeting that incorporated art therapy as a way to relax and have fun during the holidays. This support group meets monthly at Memorial Hospital to enjoy a chicken soup-like meal, hear about topics of interest, and offer opportunities for discussion.

Kim Heminger, President of the Marysville Art League, worked with those present to paint snowmen in an exercise designed to reduce stress.

“It’s important for all of us to enjoy life and take the time every day to do something for ourselves that helps us unwind and release some of the stress that builds within us,” explains Amy Higinbotham, RN, Director of the Specialty Care Center.

“When you’re dealing with the fatigue of holidays and chemotherapy, it’s important to find relaxing ways to relieve that stress. This group painting activity provided an opportunity for us all to relax and have some fun in the process.“

The Specialty Care Center has adopted another way to provide a calming environment for its oncology patients, as well. Scented diffusers are placed in the treatment rooms to create a more calming environment for those undergoing chemotherapy or other medical care. Patients and staff say they enjoy how the scents make them feel. This idea came from a study at the hospital at Vanderbilt University, which uses scented diffusers in the Emergency Department.

For information about the Chicken Soup Group monthly meetings sponsored by Memorial’s Cancer Network, call Higinbotham at (937) 578-2862 (x2862).