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Lab Receives High-Level Accreditation

The College of American Pathologists has awarded accreditation to Memorial Hospital’s Main Laboratory, based on results of a recent onsite inspection. Memorial Hospital’s Medical Director, Pathologist Daniela Proca, MD was advised of the national recognition and congratulated for the excellence of its services. The College of American Pathologists fosters and advocates excellence in the practice of pathology and laboratory medicine worldwide. Their accreditation is recognized by the federal government as being equal to or more stringent than the government’s own inspection program.

A wide variety of health conditions and illnesses can be diagnosed by analyzing the results of medical laboratory tests. When time is of the essence, the Main Laboratory at Memorial Hospital is able to provide timely results because 85-percent of all medical specimens are processed in-house. This expedited diagnosis is not available at many other hospitals, which use a more time-consuming method of sending their tests to outside locations for processing.

“Memorial Hospital’s Main Laboratory operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” explains Eric Keifer, Director of the Memorial Laboratory. “Patients in our emergency department and others benefit because we can usually provide information to pinpoint body organ function or imbalances in less than an hour. This includes conditions affecting the heart, thyroid, liver, and other organs.”

“Also, we can obtain diagnosis in less than three hours through advanced technology that searches to identify the clinical structure of diseases including intestinal infections, whooping cough, and sexually-transmitted diseases,” he added.