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Memorial Hospital Opens COPD Clinic

Only pharmacist-managed COPD Clinic in Central Ohio

An estimated 24-million Americans suffer from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), and more than seven percent of Ohioans have been diagnosed with COPD. There is no cure, but early intervention and proper management can slow the progression of this often-fatal lung condition. Its cause can be emphysema, chronic bronchitis, or non-reversible asthma.

Help is now available at Memorial Hospital’s Medication Therapies Center, which has opened the first pharmacist-managed COPD medication clinic in Central Ohio. This new clinic is part of the center’s continuing expansion of medication therapy services.

Led by board-certified pulmonologist Sindhu Mukku, MD and staffed by specially trained pharmacists, the outpatient clinic serves to compliment the quality care that patients currently receive from their pulmonologist and primary care physician.

Specially trained pharmacists and staff at the COPD clinic offer comprehensive education and care planning. The pharmacists evaluate their medication regimen, make any needed recommendations for lifestyle adjustments which may improve their health, and develop a customized plan based on the needs of each patient. Patients also receive recommendations about inhaler use and breathing techniques which will improve their quality of life.

A physician’s referral is needed to participate in the COPD Clinic, which is located at 112 Morey Drive in Marysville. Physicians interested in referring patients to this clinic may call (937) 578-4283.

Other services at Memorial Hospital which may benefit COPD patients include Pulmonary Therapy, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, and smoking cessation classes in the Wellness Center.