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Pharmacy Team Recognized

Cutting-Edge Services, Medication Therapies Noted

Memorial Hospital’s Pharmacy and Medication Therapies Center staff have been recognized for their progressive medical assistance for patients, many of whom are trying to manage multiple and complex prescribed medications for chronic health conditions.

The Pharmacy and Medication Therapies Center Team is a finalist for Columbus CEO’s 2016 Healthcare Trailblazer award, in recognition of its innovative healthcare initiatives that improve the practice of medicine or delivery of care to patients. An article about the cutting-edge work performed at Memorial Medication Therapies Center is included in the March issue of Columbus CEO magazine. This Memorial team will also gather with other honorees at Columbus CEO’s 2016 HealthCare Achievement Awards event on March 16 in Columbus.

“We are proud of the innovative clinical work being performed at our Medication Therapies Center,” says Britt Cummins, Director of Pharmacy at Memorial Hospital. “Many of our patients are experiencing remarkable improvements in their health since they have started visiting our clinics at the Medication Therapies Center. In addition to feeling better, many are able to simplify their medication regimen following their comprehensive medication review by our clinical pharmacists. The pharmacists also provide education about health-improving lifestyle changes.”

Clinics currently are available for patients in managing Heart Failure, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), or those taking anticoagulant medication.

Pharmacists and nurse practitioners work with hospitalized patients after discharge in the Transitions of Care Clinic, to coordinate recovery during the weeks after they return home. This clinic is drastically reducing re-admissions due to recurrences of health issues.

The Medication Fall Risk Reduction Clinic includes evaluation for medications that may increase a person’s risk of falling – a major cause of injury and death for the elderly. Memorial Hospital’s Wellness Center and Physical Therapy Department also collaborate in the To Be Steady program to test for the risk of falling, and provide evaluation and guidance to reduce that risk.

A Diabetes Clinic and a Lipids Clinic are scheduled to open later this year.

A physician’s referral is needed to visit the Medication Therapies Center, which is located at 112 Morey Drive in Marysville. For more information, visit Medication Therapies.