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Pharmacist Receives Ambulatory Care Certification

Clinical pharmacist Jennifer Sabatino, PharmD has been granted board certification in Ambulatory Care Pharmacy, which demonstrates a high-level of expertise in counseling outpatients to achieve the best possible results from their medications, and extensive knowledge of drugs applied across a wide spectrum of diseases.

Sabatino works with patients at Memorial Hospital’s Medication Therapies Center, primarily in its Transitions of Care and Heart Failure clinics. She is also involved in the development of additional clinics planned to open in the coming months.

She is the first pharmacist at Memorial to earn board certification, a relatively new practice in the pharmacy industry. Board certification is awarded following a rigorous testing process by the Board of Pharmacy Specialties, a division of the American Pharmacists Association.

“Our pharmacists have significant clinical expertise, with Doctor of Pharmacy degrees and advanced training, and some with residency training,” explains Britt Cummins, Director of Pharmacy at Memorial Hospital. “We seek to provide cutting-edge treatment, with a special emphasis on optimizing medication use which positively affects clinical outcomes in patients with chronic diseases.”

Sabatino came to Memorial in 2015 after completing a two-year residency program in Ambulatory Care at The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences from The Ohio State University and a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Northeast Ohio Medical University College of Pharmacy in Rootstown, Ohio.

For more information about the Medication Therapies Center and its clinics, visit Medication Therapies or call (937) 578-4281.