Being “with woman” – every step of her pregnancy.

Defined as “with woman,” midwives are health professionals trained to provide a whole-woman approach to health needs. They provide prenatal, labor and delivery, after birth, and newborn care, in addition to women’s health care through their lifespan, from adolescence to menopause.  

Midwives focus on the normal pregnancy health of the woman, and work hand-in-hand with obstetricians should complications arise. 

For prenatal care, the midwife will strive to help their patients have a healthy pregnancy including:

  • monitoring the physical, psychological, and social well-being of the mother
  • providing one-on-one education, counseling, prenatal care, and hands-on assistance
  • identifying and referring women who require a doctor’s attention 

During labor and delivery, the midwife provides family-centered care including, but not limited to:

  • fetal monitoring (either intermittent or continuous depending on the patient situation)
  • pain management (both non-pharmacologic and pharmacologic)
  • hydrotherapy
  • delivery of the newborn
  • initial stabilization of the newborn
  • postpartum care after delivery

Our goal is to ensure that each woman has the birth experience she desires, as long as her condition allows. 

Certified nurse-midwives also provide care from puberty until after menopause, plus all the important health events in between, such as:

  • general health care services
  • annual gynecologic exams
  • family planning needs
  • treatment of sexually transmitted infections
  • care during teenage years
  • care for pregnancy, labor, and birth
  • menopause care 

Leading the midwifery program is Lisa M. Smithers, CNM, who is a part of the team at Marysville Obstetrics & Gynecology.  Smithers has delivery privileges with Memorial Hospital alongside practitioners Matthew Hazelbaker, MD; Danielle Martter, MD; Neil Niemi, MD; and Trista Schrickel, MD.