Pharmacogenomic Clinic

Discover how your body responds or doesn’t respond to various medications.

Have you ever wondered why some medications don’t seem to work for you or cause a bad reaction? Have you ever wanted to know how a medication might affect you before you take it? These questions may be answered by pharmacogenomic testing.

What is pharmacogenomics?

The study of how your genes affect the way your body responds to medications. Depending on your genetic makeup, some medicines may work more or less effectively for you. Also, some medicines may produce more or fewer side effects for you.

A pharmacogenomic test and consultation may help provide information about your genetic makeup to you and your healthcare team. This information can be used to create a personalized plan to choose medicines that offer the greatest chance of helping you. It can help determine:

• Whether a medication may be an effective treatment for you

• The best dose of a medication for you

• Whether you could have a serious side effect

Pharmacogenomics is NOT genetic risk testing for hereditary diseases or testing to learn your family heritage/background. Pharmacogenomic tests are not available for all medications. Our comprehensive test reports 27 genes and many known genetic markers and variants related to medications.

How does the process work?

• Your physician or healthcare provider refers you to the Pharmacogenomic Clinic.

• You have an initial consultation to gather information and explain the process.

• A swab of the inside of your cheek is performed to collect a genetic sample. Results and analysis take one to two weeks to be completed.

• You have a follow-up appointment to review your personalized results.

How much does it cost?

The cost varies depending on your insurance policy and reason for testing. Some insurance companies do cover pharmacogenomic testing. Medicare and Medicaid will typically cover, as well. Our clinic will provide an estimated cost before testing is performed.

In addition to the testing cost, there are charges related to the appointments/visits to the Pharmacogenomic Clinic and those charges may vary based on your insurance plan.

For more information, contact the Pharmacogenomic Clinic at (937) 578-4281.