Stefanie Cimini

Stefanie Cimini, RN

Assistant Director of Nursing

What makes the team at the Gables special?
The Gables team is special because we show everyday how much we care for each resident. The team is always putting the residents’ needs first. Many of the us are also members of the community and are able to interact with the residents and families on a more personal level.

What is the best part of your day?
The best part of my day consists of the time spent listening to stories of the residents and giving them the one- on -one time to talk and reminisce.

What led you to this career?
As a child I had several elderly neighbors including my grandparents. When I wasn’t with friends, I could be found at one of the neighbors’ houses helping them or just spending time and listening to their stories. I always this time and that led me to begin my long-term care career as an STNA. I wanted to be able to do more and that led me to nursing school.