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The page might say “About Us” but it’s really about you.

It is said we are fiercely independent and they’re right. In a time of rampant consolidation in hospital circles, your hospital chooses to remain independent because we believe that is best for you and for the region.

Like schools, a hospital should be a focal point for a community or region’s identity. We are a huge regional asset and our relationship with the communities we serve is important. Trust us, nobody is going to care more about our local residents than the people who live and work local. We do believe that in some cases it makes sense to partner with another organization that can complement us while respecting our independence.

Memorial has focused on smart business decisions while never losing sight of the reason we are here in the first place: to keep you healthy and take care of you when you are not.

Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

The finger on the pulse.

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Senior Leadership

Senior Leadership

Leadership with a heart for the community.

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Community Involvement

Community Involvement

A heart for service and a standard of excellence.

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Our reason for being.

There is a distinct difference between caring for patients and caring about them. In an age where healthcare has become at times impersonal, Memorial Health still believes that holding a hand, lending an ear, and speaking a kind word are just as important to you and your family as our latest medical and technological advances. You’re at the heart of all we do and all we plan to do in the future. You are why we’re here.

To promote wellness and improve the health of people in our community.

Together, creating a new standard for healthcare.

Memorial Health C.A.R.E.S.

  • Compassion
    Attending to the unique needs of each individual. Providing family-centered support.
  • Accountability
    Demonstrating ethical behavior. Utilizing our resources efficiently and wisely. Taking initiative for continuous improvement.
  • Respect
    Valuing positive relationships. Fostering an environment of courtesy and support. Demonstrating integrity and trust.
  • Excellence
    Providing high quality healthcare. Ensuring patient safety. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology.
  • Service
    Fulfilling our role as a valued community member. Matching services to changing needs of our community. Providing comprehensive customer service.


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In 1945, influential members of the Marysville area community recognized the need to build a hospital to provide healthcare for community members, including those returning from World War II. They gained funding through the Hill-Burton Act, but it wasn’t enough to cover the cost of building a new hospital. That’s when the farmers, merchants, laborers, and business owners stepped forward and gave whatever they could – raising more than $300,000. Memorial Hospital of Union County opened on March 17, 1952, with 40 beds and a staff eager to care for the people who made it all possible.
Since then, as Union County and the surrounding areas grew to over 84,000 residents, we’ve grown right alongside. In Fall of 2014, we started a new and major chapter in our history with our restructuring into Memorial Health, an independent health system which includes:


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For those who want just the facts, here’s a quick overview of Memorial Health—who we are, who we serve, and other vital statistics you should know.

Founded March 1952.

A not-for-profit community hospital serving Union and five surrounding counties—primary service area of 94,000 individuals.

  • Union County population: 66,898 (July 2022 Census estimate)
  • Marysville City population: 27,157 (July 2022 Census estimate)