Darren Clancy, MSEd, AT

Athletic Trainer

Darren Clancy, MSEd, AT, joined Memorial in 1994 as an athletic trainer in the Physical Therapy Department, establishing the Sports Medicine Outreach Program which provides athletic training services to the high schools and middle schools in the region.

Darren earned a Bachelor of Science in Sports Medicine from Mercyhurst College in 1990 and a Master of Science Education in Athletic Training from Old Dominion University in 1992, before moving to Ohio.

Growing up in the rural farmland area of Western New York State, where none of the small-town schools had an athletic trainer, Darren’s desire was to settle in an area with similar needs and develop a program that offers high quality healthcare services to the athletes in that area. He found that with Memorial. He was initially contracted with Marysville High School, but was quickly tasked with extending his services to other local school districts around Memorial. With the incredible explosion of growth in the region since 1994, he is most proud of Memorial’s ability to keep up with the growth and expand its sports medicine system to meet the needs of the community.

“The sooner an athlete is seen and treated for an injury, the sooner that athlete can safely return to their sport.”