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Time to enjoy your independence.

While the welcoming residential feel of our structure sets Memorial Gables apart from other senior living facilities, the sense of home continues throughout our living, dining and recreational spaces.

In fact, the location sets the tone for an environment where residents feel at home, and embraced for who they are.

Memorial Gables residents also feel a tremendous sense of independence here, thanks in part to another empowering idea — our Resident Council. Run under the direction of an annually elected president, the Resident Council provides feedback and suggestions to management regarding ways to continually enhance and enrich the lives of residents.

By the way, we encourage families and friends to visit often, participate in our programs, and stay involved in the lives of their loved ones. After all, it wouldn’t be home if you couldn’t host family and friends.

And it wouldn’t be Memorial Gables if we didn’t provide the kind of atmosphere that makes everyone feel safe, respected, and welcome.

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Helping people regain their skills. And their independence.

Not only is rehabilitation a priority for both short-term and long-term residents who are looking to regain their ability to live independently, it’s the most essential type of care we provide. It’s usually a required component of treatment for and recovery from a serious medical condition such as heart failure, stroke, personal injury, as well as elective procedures such as hip or knee replacement.


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You’re never too old to have a good time.

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At Memorial Gables, good health is synonymous with good times. That’s why enthusiastic activity coordinators plan and implement a variety of daily programs and events—each one designed to stimulate the physical, intellectual, social, or spiritual wellbeing of our residents.

Each month’s activities are posted in a calendar format in each resident’s room and in the community lounges to ensure that residents and family members are aware of upcoming programs.


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When you look good, you feel better.

Our number one priority at Memorial Gables is the wellbeing of our residents. That is why we monitor and record their physical and mental health on a daily basis. That emphasis also includes supporting the personal grooming desires of residents.

After all, who doesn’t feel better with a fresh haircut or manicure?

Of course, we’re just as meticulous about ensuring that we meet the health needs of everyone who lives at Memorial Gables.


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Nourishment for body, mind, and special occasions.

A home wouldn’t be nearly as welcoming without the aroma of freshly prepared food at key times of the day. No matter what’s on the menu, it always carries a scent that stimulates appetites and mealtime conversation.

The dining rooms in both the Intermediate Care and the Special Care neighborhoods offer a warm and casual vibe, complete with wood floors and beautiful outdoor views. No one wants to feel like they’re breaking bread in an institution. And meals, prepared by professional chef teams in a state-of-the-art kitchen, are monitored by a dietician and a food services manager.


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What’s on your mind?

Made up of a cross-section of those living at Memorial Gables and complete with an annually elected president, the Resident Council meets monthly to review activities, events and situations that may impact a resident’s quality of life.

They give our staff a sense of what the resident community desires. The suggestions are carefully considered, along with family input and new resident assessments, and used to help develop next steps and new directions. Because even if something isn’t broken, giving people the opportunity to think about ways to fix it helps create an atmosphere of inclusion and respect.

And who can object to that?