Infection Prevention

Infection prevention is a priority at Memorial Health. We closely adhere to infection control practices, following the guidelines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control.

Infection control measures are routinely taken by all employees, even those who are not involved in direct clinical work with patients. In fact, all employees receive infection control education and training when they are hired, and ­­­­annual training is part of their competency reviews.  Each employee also receives influenza and other immunizations, as needed, and as related to their particular job circumstance. In addition, our volunteers receive education and training on infection prevention.

Personal hygiene, disinfection and sterilization of equipment and hospital areas, as well as compliance with handwashing protocols are major areas of focus.

Flowers and Plants

Cut flowers and potted plants are not allowed in certain patient care areas due to the increased susceptibility of patients to opportunistic infection, if the patient is taking multiple antibiotics, or has severe illness or immunosuppression. To be safe, check with the nurses in the patient’s area.

Visitor Policies

We ask that visitors be free of communicable diseases, particularly during flu season. Hygiene stations with hand sanitizer are located at hospital entrances and in other areas for visitors to use.

Masking may be required for visitors based on specific patient situations, such as when a patient is in isolation. Masks are also recommended for visitors if they are experiencing any respiratory symptoms. Our facilities have masks available for anyone who is more comfortable wearing one.