Workplace Wellness

Provided by Memorial Hospital Wellness Center

Employees are our greatest resource and investing in them is now more important than ever. We all know that healthy employees lead to better productivity, higher morale, and less absenteeism.

Our Wellness Team at Memorial Hospital is here to help you with your workplace wellness goals! Let us be a part of your team, as together we help your associates invest in their health and
wellness journey.

Our Workplace Wellness Series can provide relevant wellness education focused on your employee needs!

Classes can be offered

  • onsite at your work location at a pre-determined day and time.
  • Or, virtually, with the option available for viewing later.
  • We will work with you to coordinate the type of format that bests suits your workforce, in addition to selecting an ideal date and time.
  • For both formats, our Wellness Center team member will guide your associates through a digital presentation on the wellness topic of your choice, with an opportunity for interactive questions. You will also receive electronic copies of relevant handouts for distribution by your organization.
  • Pricing is available upon request; the first presentation is provided FREE!

Your associates can learn more on the following available topics:

  • Commit to be Fit or Exercise for Good Health
    Learn how exercise benefits your cardiovascular health, as well as how to safely start a new exercise program.
  • Know Your Numbers
    Certain lab work results, like lipids and blood pressure, are important numbers to know for good health. This class includes lab work for each participant – find out what your numbers mean and how to improve them if needed! Lab work is an additional cost.
  • The Road to Good Health
    Gather ideas on what you can do to maintain or improve your overall health.
  • Musculoskeletal Health
    Our muscle and bones help make our bodies work effectively. Poor nutrition, lack of exercise, and certain diseases may affect how your muscle and bones work in your body. Learn ways to improve and strengthen your musculoskeletal health.
  • Strength Training
    Understand the benefits of strength training and why it is just as important as cardiovascular exercise for good health.
  • Strength Training with Stretchy Bands
    Learn how to use stretchy bands as a tool to perform strength training. Bands provided at an additional cost.
  • Heart Health
    Be HEART SMART! Learn what good heart health looks like and what to do if you need to improve your heart health.
  • Mental Health
    Our mental health can be impacted by stress, anxiety, and depression. Understand the signs and symptoms of some common mental health issues and possible options to improve.
  • Preventive Screenings Checklist
    Learn what is recommended for men and women at different ages, why it is important to practice preventive health, and how to cross recommended screenings off your list!
  • Brain Health
    Learn the importance of brain health and why good health practices keep your brain healthy and more functional.
  • Gut Health
    An unhealthy gut affects our immune system. Prebiotic and probiotic foods are ways to better foster a healthy gut. Gather ideas of what to eat to have a healthier gut.
  • Managing Anxiety
    Understand what anxiety is and in turn, behaviors to help you become less anxious. Learn how being mindful can decrease anxiety – plus, ways to practice each day.
  • Motivation and Resilience
    Hear ways to stay motivated and on task while accomplishing your goals. Learn how developing resilience can benefit your mental health.
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder
    Discover what SAD is and acquire knowledge of ways to overcome it, if you or a family member suffer from this disorder.
  • Summer Safety
    Summer can be a wonderful season but safety in the heat and sun need to be followed to have a wonderful summer. Gain some tips for food and skin safety that will help make sure you have a safe summer.

Other topics may be available upon request.


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