February 18, 2021 | 1 Minute Read
Medical Staff Officers for 2021 Announced

Memorial Hospital has announced the appointment of the organization’s new Medical Staff Officers for 2021.

Medical Staff Services is an integral part of the Memorial team that manages key systems and is responsible for maintaining compliance with regulatory and accrediting bodies. They also develop and implement credentialing processes and procedures, and oversee development of and adherence to governance bylaws, department rules and regulations, as well as medical staff and organizational policies.

Medical Staff Leadership is responsible for promoting quality patient care and ensuring the professional and ethical conduct of the practitioners appointed to the Medical Staff. Medical Staff Officers must account to the Memorial Health Board of Trustees for overall quality, appropriateness, and efficiency of medical care.

The following have been appointed to the Memorial Hospital Medical Staff Leadership for 2021, under the direction of Chief Medical Officer Jason Russell, DO:

  • President of the Medical Staff: Charles Muncrief, DO
  • Vice President of the Medical Staff: Delia Herzog, MD
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Vincent Brinkman, MD
  • Department of Surgery Chair: Jeffrey Hazey, MD
  • Department of Surgery Vice-Chair: Michael Jordan, DO
  • Department of Medicine Chair: Justin Krueger, MD
  • Department of Medicine Vice-Chair: Shahrukh Hashmi, MD
  • Credentials Chair: Matthew Hazelbaker, MD