Critical Care

Coordinated, advanced treatment.

If you are admitted to Memorial Hospital’s Critical Care unit, our physicians, mid-level providers, nurses, technologists, and staff collaborate to provide a high level of care for serious health conditions. We have been expanding our Critical Care program to meet the needs of our patients. The involvement of skilled heart, pulmonary, and critical care doctors through The Heart Partnership with The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center has enhanced our ability to treat critically ill patients.

Our critical care specialists develop an inclusive treatment plan for each patient’s needs. Technology with continuous monitoring and transfer of statistics provides continuous, updated information for physicians at all hours of the day.

At Memorial Hospital, the Critical Care unit cares for the sickest of patients who may be afflicted with various medical concerns. They may:

  • Require management of severe medical conditions such as pneumonia, sepsis, or have taken a drug overdose
  • Have altered mental status or changes in level of consciousness as a result of a stroke, or severe seizure-related issue
  • Need treatment related to abnormal heart rhythms, chronic heart failure, or other heart conditions
  • Be experiencing significant respiratory problems, including respiratory failure or complications related to COPD
  • Postoperative recovery
  • Severe diabetic episodes

While our advanced care team is able to manage the needs of our patients here, on occasion, services of a tertiary care facility are required. In that case, a patient may be transferred – either via medical helicopter or ambulance.

While you are here, your family will have access to comfortable lounges, our Café for meals, and convenient gift options at the Gift Shop.

Visiting Hours

9am to 9pm

For access by close family members at other times, use Emergency Department entrance I. You will need to be escorted to the Critical Care unit. Visitors should check-in at the nurse’s station there. Two visitors at a time are allowed in a patient’s room. Visitors under the age of 12 should be supervised. For the protection of our patients, please avoid visiting if you have a cold or flu symptoms.