Hospitalist Care

Our in-house physicians provide expert care.

If you are admitted to Memorial Hospital, our in-house physicians will provide comprehensive medical care throughout your stay. He or she will consult with your primary care physician about your care and progress. When you are discharged, a hospitalist will brief your physician about your treatment and the outcomes of any tests or required follow-up.

Our hospitalists work around the clock, exclusively for Memorial Hospital and do not have outside practices. This enables them to provide care that is focused on you, with reduced wait times for tests, medication changes, consults, and discharge. Depending on the length of your stay, you may be seen by more than one doctor, but your care is well-coordinated and seamless.

In addition, our Transitions of Care nurse practitioner can meet with you regarding chronic health issues, and is also available to see you in the Transitions of Care Clinic after you leave the hospital. This care is designed to provide guidance for our patients in an effort to reduce complications in the crucial weeks after you go home.