Expert clinical pharmacists and staff at Memorial Hospital’s Pharmacy use their advanced education to assist our hospitalized patients. The cutting-edge work of our pharmacists and staff has been recognized in several national publications for best practices.

Services include:

  • Medication dosage adjustment and individualization
  • Selection, dosing, and monitoring of antibiotics
  • Review and evaluation for medication allergies
  • Screening of patient medications for medication interactions
  • Preparation of sterile medications (for intravenous injection)
  • Counseling on medication management and scheduling
  • Oncology pharmacist to meet with cancer patients

Our Medication Therapy navigators provide support for patients facing high medication costs by seeking grant funding or medications donated by drug companies, and facilitating medical coverage. They also provide support in obtaining preapprovals, in providing needed documentation to insurers, and in helping patients understand their insurance coverage.

Medication Therapies Center: Outpatient Assistance in Medication Evaluation and Management

Consultation with Memorial Hospital’s clinical pharmacists is available on an outpatient basis for the monitoring of medications that have been prescribed for you. They assist with developing a medication plan that works best for you, provide education about your medications, screen for signs of adverse reactions, and develop a medication schedule that is effective for your optimal health results. Various medication therapy clinics are available to assist patients with chronic diseases. To access the services provided by medication therapy clinics, or to obtain referral forms, please have your physician fax a referral to our Medication Therapies Center at (937) 578-2858.