Where athletes go from injured to activated. And good to great.

Sports Medicine

Helping athletes of all ages do amazing things.

From skill enhancement and injury prevention to injury treatment and recovery, Memorial Sports Medicine helps athletes take their game to new levels of finesse and execution.

Whether your goal is a new personal best, getting off the sidelines, or just staying healthy and active, our team of physicians, trainers, and rehabilitation experts can help you blow past anything that’s keeping you from achieving it.

Training & Therapy

Behind every victory at Memorial Sports Medicine, you’ll find teams dedicated to making success stories happen. Whether to restore, maintain, or improve your physical ability, our therapists work as a team to develop a game plan to help get you back to doing what you love. And when that happens, it’s a win for everyone involved.

Our Student Athletes

What better place to show commitment to the health of our community than making the highest standard of sports medicine available where student athletes train and compete?

Our Team

Our pros have worked with athletes at all levels, from weekend warriors to youth athletic clubs to collegiate and professional teams. Some of the names you probably know from prime time broadcasts and coverage, such as The University of Cincinnati, the US figure skating team, and the Cincinnati Bengals.


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