School Sports Medicine Partnerships

It’s amazing what students have taught us.

What better place to show commitment to the health of our community than making the highest standard of sports medicine available where student athletes train and compete?

That’s why we offer student athletes at Fairbanks, Jonathan Alder, Marysville, Mechanicsburg, North Union, Triad, and West-Liberty Salem schools direct access to optimal care with an assigned athletic trainer on-site. After all, it’s exciting to watch sons and daughters, not to mention nieces, nephews and neighbors, perform at their best.

What we’ve learned from these amazing athletes about the value of sports inspires us to want to help as many students as possible reach new levels of achievement.

If you are a student athlete participating in an organized interscholastic or club-sanctioned sport outside of these school districts, please call our office at (937) 578-7841 to schedule an appointment.

After an initial evaluation, our athletic trainers will determine your need for referral and help connect you with necessary treatment options to expedite your recovery.

What does the athletic trainer at my school do?
Athletic trainers are sports medicine trained healthcare providers who pride themselves in prevention, evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation of sports-related injuries. They are compassionate professionals who aim to help athletes achieve their goals, often by overcoming injury.

When will the athletic trainer be at my school?
The athletic trainer will be on site at the high school following school dismissal Monday through Friday, as well as at all home, in-season sporting events.

What happens after the athletic trainer evaluates an injury?
Memorial Sports Medicine encompasses many sports medicine specialists who work together to ensure that each athlete receives optimal care following an injury. The athletic trainers are vital members of the team. After evaluation, the athletic trainer will determine your need for referral based on the injury evaluation. He or she can assist you in contacting our sports medicine physician or one of our orthopedic physicians. They also work with physical and occupational therapists to assist in returning injured athletes back to sport through sports specific training and rehabilitation.

If I see the athletic trainer, will he/she take me out of play?
The athletic trainer will evaluate and treat each athlete’s injury based on its severity, as well as the effect the injury has on the athlete’s ability to participate in his or her sport without causing additional structural damage. The athletic trainer will remove the athlete from participation only if they deem it unsafe for the athlete to continue participation due to a significant injury. Athletic trainers aim to prevent and treat injuries while keeping time out of play as minimal as possible. It is important for athletes to report suspected injuries to the athletic trainer at the first indication of an issue. Informing the athletic trainer at an early stage can set the stage for a faster recovery time and uninterrupted participation.

You may be referred to our Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine team after an injury or surgery. Our physical therapy treatment plans are customized for each individual’s physical capabilities and challenges, and are designed to return our patients’ strength, range of motion, balance, coordination and sensation, while minimizing pain during the process.

Download the OHSAA Physical Form here.

Who is the athletic trainer at each school?