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Forrest Schwartz, MD


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Dr. Schwartz will be our primary surgeon for total knee and hip replacements, as well as hip and knee revisions. He will offer tourniquet-free knee replacement and anterior approach hip replacements, for appropriate patients.

What is a tourniquet-free knee replacement? Traditionally, knee replacement surgery involved the use of a thigh tourniquet to reduce bleeding. However, there is growing evidence demonstrating that eliminating the use of a tourniquet in knee replacement surgery improves patient outcomes. Tourniquet-free knee replacements are associated with less post-operative pain, faster recovery, and increased range of motion. And amazingly, tourniquet-free knee replacements actually have been proven to lead to less total blood loss than knee replacements done with the use of a tourniquet!

What does an anterior approach mean? Use of the anterior approach allows a surgeon to perform your hip replacement by going between major muscle groups rather than cutting through muscle fibers or detaching muscles from bones (and then having to make repairs at the end of the surgery). Anterior approach hip replacement is associated with high patient satisfaction and a rapid return to activity.

Professional Development


  • American Board of Orthopedic Surgery - Orthopedic Surgery


  • Massachusetts General Hospital
    Adult Reconstruction Fellowship - Complex Hip and Knee Replacement/Revision Surgery


  • Harvard
    Orthopedic Surgery


  • Harvard
    Orthopedic Surgery

Medical School

  • Washington University School of Medicine - St. Louis