Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine

The advancements in the area of rehabilitative therapies and sports medicine have been astounding. Often times quality therapy guided by highly skilled therapists and trainers can correct medical issues before a more invasive process is required. Other times, we are called upon after a surgery or other medical intervention with the aim of restoring or improving function.

Whatever the case, you can count on our team to offer the patience, encouragement, and expertise to get you on your way to a full life and improved performance.

Specialty therapies available from Memorial are numerous and cover you from head to toe.

Adult Speech Therapy

Our speech therapists provide treatment for problems with language, cognition, and swallowing – caused by disease or trauma. Learn more here.

ASTYM Therapy

ASTYM Therapy reduces scarring and issues with a patient’s skin and soft tissues due to injury or post-surgery which cause discomfort or pain.

Certified Hand Therapy

Hand Therapists are those that specialize in treatment and rehabilitation of the upper limb, which includes the shoulder girdle, elbow, wrist, and hand. Due to the technical complexity of hand and arm conditions, either status post fracture or surgery, these conditions may warrant advanced skills of a certified hand therapist. Each hand therapist possesses advanced skills and experience with treatment of the upper limb to prevent dysfunction and restore function.

Upon referral, our certified hand therapist will administer objective assessments of your condition including movement, strength, and sensation. Treatment is tailored to each individual with on-going communication with their doctor to promote maximum function and positive outcomes.

Dry Needling Therapy

Memorial offers physical therapists who are certified in Dry Needling Therapy, a technique used to release painful muscle trigger points (knots). This therapy is termed “dry” since there are no medications or injections. Instead, the needles are inserted through the skin to stimulate the muscle, release the knot and allow for improvements in movement and pain.

Dry needling can be successful for leg and back pain, chronic headaches, plantar fasciitis, athletic injuries or overall muscle tension.

Lymphedema Therapy

Lymphedema, a chronic, permanent condition, can be congenital. But it often develops following cancer surgery, treatment or injury. Lymph fluid builds up in the affected area(s) of the body causing discomfort and certain health risks.

Our Certified Lymphedema Therapist uses manual techniques to remove blockages and help move accumulated lymph out of swollen tissues. Wraps are then applied to provide compression to the affected areas. Eventually, customized compression garments are used. This personalized therapy and related education will help alleviate discomfort and help patients manage this lifelong condition. Learn more here

Massage Therapies

Massage Therapies (new) enhances a person’s health and well-being through manual manipulation of soft body tissues (muscle, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments).

Pediatric Therapies

Pediatric Therapies at our Mill Valley location is designed for our smaller, younger patients for the evaluation and treatment of problems with mobility, balance, speech, coordination, strength, developmental concerns, pain, and flexibility.

Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine — helping athletes do amazing things. From skill enhancement and injury prevention to injury treatment and recovery, Memorial Sports Medicine helps athletes take their game to new levels of finesse and execution.

Whether your goal is a new personal best, getting off the sidelines, or just staying healthy and active, our team of physicians, trainers, and rehabilitation experts can help you blow past anything that’s keeping you from achieving it.

Stroke Therapies

Stroke Therapies include a kitchen and a bathroom where recovering patients can practice in a real-life setting with therapists.

Student Athlete Injury Clinics

Student Athlete Injury Clinics for evaluation and treatment.

Upper Extremity Therapies

You may have previously known this service as Occupational Therapy.

Our certified hand and upper extremity therapists will work one-on-one to help you recover from injury or illness. Each program is individualized for each person’s needs with the goal to help regain the skills you desire or are required for daily tasks. Upper Extremity Therapies is offered to help you participate in the everyday tasks, activities, or occupations that may have been impacted after fracture, operation, or even a stroke. For those impacted by a neurological condition, like a stroke, we even have a full kitchen and bathroom where you can practice daily tasks in a real life setting. If your main goal is to restore function and return to daily tasks, we are equipped to help you.

Vestibular and Balance Disorder Therapies

Vestibular and Balance Disorder Therapies for balance issues, and sometimes associated with a concussion or head injury. This includes the To Be Steady Program, which utilizes screening technology to analyze a person’s risk for falls.

Women’s Health Physical Therapy

We offer treatment that is not typically found outside of large metropolitan areas.

For this unique opportunity, growing numbers of patients are seeking treatment at Memorial Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine in Marysville for relief from a variety of conditions related to the back and pelvis:

Musculoskeletal dysfunction during, and after, pregnancy. This may include pain in the lower back, sacroiliac joint, coccyx, and may also include diastasis recti.

Pelvic pain* including vaginismus and dyspareunia in women.

Pre-and post-operative pelvic floor


Pelvic organ prolapse

Urinary incontinence* (stress or mixed)

Constipation or straining*

Fecal incontinence

*Men and children are also treated.

A physician’s referral is recommended, and is required for an internal pelvic floor exam, or for women who are pregnant. Learn more here.

A referral from your doctor is recommended for most therapy services. Talk to your primary care physician to see if one or more of our therapies might improve your health. An integral part of your treatment plan includes us providing updates to your referring physician to maintain the open communication necessary to provide optimal care. This coordination of care is a key element to maximizing your quality of life and the effectiveness of your rehabilitation process.